Raised in St. Louis and currently residing in Los Angeles, I have studied art over my life time, having attended Lasell College, UCLA, Otis Art Institute, and the Brentwood Art Center. Greatly influenced by abstract expressionists, Willem DeKooning, Franz Kline, and Joan Mitchell, I have developed a unique, spontaneous, action-painting style inspired by my passion for expressive dance, spontaneous movement, color, and design.

I was introduced to the concept of spontaneous movement, having studied dance with the famed Ana Halpern, who combines the use of art and dance/movement alternatively to enhance access a heightened left brain activity. My experience shows me that if analytical thinking occurs while painting, it interrupts the flow of movement, thus creating a thwarted or blocked effect; the movement must be spontaneous and “in the moment”. I trust my intuitive process and do not analyze each brush stroke. My painting process unfolds, layer by layer, more or less, out of the void. That’s what makes each piece a new adventure and keeps the process passionate, fresh, and alive.

My work is characterized by swift, but authoritative brush strokes, creating an explosion of color and energy in a seemingly chaotic movement. Strategically imposed geometric shapes and forms with collage elements, introduce structure and balance to the movement, along with accents of interesting crayon scribbles and pencil marks.

Having studied architectural drawings, I am fascinated with the crisp line quality and its varying line thicknesses that a sharp lead pencil produces on paper. I incorporate spontaneous pencil gestures to further accentuate dramatic movement patterns. With a highly experimental approach, color is yet another source of adventure with bold and unexpected palette combinations, heightening the drama.

My work is currently placed in several corporate collections and private residences in the Los Angeles area.


LaSalle College, Boston
Maryville of Sacred Heart College, St. Louis
University of California at Los Angeles
Brentwood Art Center, Santa Monica, CA

Selected Exhibitions

Phantom Galleries, Group Show, Long Beach 2009
Santa Monica Art Studio, Group Show, Los Angeles 2009 Spring Art Gallery, Group Show, Los Angeles, 2009
Santa Monica Art Studio Group Show, Los Angeles, 2008
Los Angeles County Museum of Art- Sales/Rental Gallery – Group Show, 2008
Santa Monica Airport Art Walk, Santa Monica, California, 2007
Santa Monica Art Studio Group Show, Los Angeles , 2007
Arena One Gallery, Santa Monica, California, 2006
McLean Gallery, Malibu, California, 2006
Santa Monica Art Studio Group Show, Los Angeles , 2006
Santa Monica Art Studio Group Show, Santa Monica,2005
O’Melvany Gallery Group Show, West Los Angeles, 2005
BHG Gallery, Santa Monica, 2005
O’Melvany Gallery Group Show, West Los Angeles, 2004
Kraft Fine Arts Group Show, Los Angeles, 2004
O’Melvany Gallery Group Show, West Hollywood , 2003
City of Hope, Kraft Studios, Los Angeles, 2002
Kraft Fine Arts Group Show, Los Angeles, 2002